Informing IP Australia of Prior Art

I’ve just spoken to IP Australia’s Customer Service helpline. I have to say, they were exceedingly friendly and helpful – excellent customer service – and provided me with some great information on heading off an e-learning fiasco in Australia.

While patents in Australia can’t be protested until they are granted (when there is a consideration period of three months), if a prior notification of prior art is lodged, it will be placed on file. (It’s possible that Blackboard waited for a similar protest period to elapse in the USA before making their announcement).

The address to write to is:

IP Australia
PO Box 200 Woden

The patents lodged by Blackboard are as follows:

Pat/Appn # Title Filed
2003237918 Internet-based education support system and method with multi-language capability 22 MAY 2003 WO03100745
2003263854 Internet-based education support system, method and medium providing security attributes in modular, extensible components 19 AUGUST 2003
2003263855 Internet-based education support system, method and medium with modular text-editing component for use in a web-based application 19 AUGUST 2003
2004265995 Content system and associated methods 13 AUGUST 2004 WO2005017697
2005203324 Internet-based education support system and methods 28 JULY 2005

In the process of patent searching, also found this WIPO patent application, which doesn’t appear to have an equivalent in Australia. It appears to claim invention of educational portals.

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